Q: How can i be down?
A: You can't, you have to put yourself down (press your own records and give them to hot dee jays)

Q: Where can i find a good lawyer?
A: I don't know, when you find one let me know (just kidding)

Q: How many songs should i put on my demo?
A: How about one good one. (just kidding) put your best song on first! Don't forget to put your email or phone
number on the demo. (The more demos you give out the better your chances to get a deal)

Q: Should i play my music for friends and family?
A: Hell no ! ( if the person can get you a record deal, yes)

Q: In the ballpark, how much do i need to press up 100 records?
A: About $400./$500. (mastering/ stamps/ lables / pressing) but your next 100 records should be around $150.

Q: How do i get my demo to record lables / A & R men?
A: You might need a lawyer or manager. (There's no need to tell the a&r person what's on the demo,put all
that stuff on a very short note/bio, a small picture is good also) The less said the better (hello and good bye).

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